Chloe Chloe Marcy Round Fastener 3P 0571 Long wallet leather Brown Women's [pre]

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There are small scratches and plating peelings on the metal fittings, but they are inconspicuous.
There is a slightly dirty inside, but there is no conspicuous damage.
It is a gem of recommendation in a relatively beautiful state.
Inside · Other: Inner: Light dirt
Metal part: Small scratch, dullness

Type Mercy Model round fastener Product explanation It is an introduction of Marcelli round zipper long wallet of Chloe.
It is a long wallet of the classic Mercy series of Chloé featuring front stitch work.
Leather tassel is a point, it is a fashionable gem.
Because the opening and closing part opens widely, it is easy to put in and take out, storage power is also outstanding!
It is easy to use, practical and recommended gem.
Part number (model number)3P 0571
typelong wallet
ColorBrown / Brown
AW about 20 cm x H about 11 cm x D about 2 cm
pocketOpening and closing ceremony: zipper card pocket x 12, open pocket x 2, wallet x 2, zipper closure coin purse x 1

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