Chloe Chloe Lily Round Zipper Metallic 3P 0501 Purse Leather Mustard Gold Women's [pre-owned]

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Product control number (product URL):2658-xx-09258-fk
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There are several places on the outside rear side, several points of black dot stains.
There are two places on the inside, there are dirty black spots.
In addition, there is no conspicuous damage and it is a relatively clean state.
Outside: Surface: dirt

Inside · Other: Inside: dirt

Type Lily Round Zipper Metallic Product explanation It is an introduction of lily length wallet of Chloe.
The ribbon metal fitting motif is cool, it is a cute wallet.
Color can also be stored in tappuri with fashionable round fastener type.
There are pockets on the outside and it is useful.
Certainly how about you on this occasion.
Part number (model number)3P0501
typelong wallet
ColorMustard / gold / gold
AW about 18 cm x H about 10.5 cm x D about 2.5 cm
pocketClosure type: zipper card pocket x 8, wallet x 2, zipper closure coin purse x 1, free pocket x 2
accessoriesStorage Box, Storage Bag

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