CARTIER Cartier Mast Card Case Pass Case Business Card Holder Leather Rose Red Women [Pre]

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There are thin stains on two points on the surface. There is no corner thread, but there is a slight amount of dirt on the thread. There is no thread Hotsure. Inside suede part is in a beautiful state. Although it is a product that can be fully satisfied, please refrain from those who do not understand used goods.
Outside: Surface: Light stain
Corner: Light stain

Model Mast Card Case Pass Case Product Description It is the emergence of Cartier mast card case! Stylish rose red color! It is a fine leather specification that feels good! A business card holder is a necessities for working people! There is no gusset type, but there are two outside pockets! Simple and elegant pass case! Popular Rose-based color of stock! Don't miss this opportunity!
typename card holder
ColorRose red / red
sizeW about 11 cm x H about 7 cm
pocketOpening and closing: open
3 card pockets

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