Prada round fastener Safiano comp wallet wallet / dark pink series × gold / PRADA next day delivery possible ■ 218990

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[Outside] threads in four corners, slight color fading in the fastener base
[Inside] Some small white dirt
[Purses] Overall darkening
Production number: 224
Detail Remarks: Wallet will be specs to be folded in.
Although there is some feeling of use, there is no conspicuous damage and it is a relatively beautiful condition ★
ColorPink dark pink series × gold
ASize details: [Size (about below)]
Size: H 9.5 cm × W 15 cm × D 2 cm
Opening and Closing: Fastener Type
Wallet: 2
Purses: 1
Card holder: 4
Free pocket: 2
accessoriesOuter box (Only items attached to the accessories are included, those that are taken in the photo are included.

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