Prada wedge sole · strap sandals shoes / 36 (23.0 cm equivalent) / gold × brown / PRADA next day delivery possible ■ 218410

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Product control number (product URL):9866-SSDA3664L
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[Outside] Several places of discoloration on the instep
[Inside] Thin several threads and scratches
[Outsole] Some slight dirt
[Sole] discoloration due to the protrusion of a part of the adhesive on the inside of the right foot toe
Details Remarks: Although there is some feeling of use (discoloration), it is not a conspicuous damage and it is a relatively beautiful condition ★
ColorGold gold × brown
MaterialLeather straw tone
ASize details: [Size (about below)]
Notation size: 36 (equivalent to 23.0 cm)
Heel: 12 cm
Height (including heel): 17 cm
Storm: 3.5 cm
Width (foot width): 7.5 cm
Outsole: 24 cm
Detachment method: Belt strap
Hole adjustment: 3
Season: spring and summer
Cushioning property: somewhat
accessoriesOuter box (It breaks in two places in the corner) (Only accessories are listed, those with description are attached, only those taken in the photograph are attached.

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