Hermes pleated carre · FEUX DE ROUTE · scarf neck wear / beige series × blue / HERMES next day delivery possible ■ 219398

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Product control number (product URL):9866-ISCA0110L
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[Dirt / spot] Some dirty on border
[Remarks] wrinkles due to storage, some odor such as cigarette
Detailed Remarks: Although there are some light dirt, there are no conspicuous damage at the time of use and it is a condition you can use still more ★
ColorBeige beige series × blue
MaterialSilk 100%
ASize Details: Line: Pleated Curry Item Name: FEUX DE ROUTE
[Size (about below)]
Total length: 129 cm
Width: 14 - 60 cm
Sense of sheer feeling: None
Glossy feeling: Yes
Season: All season
accessoriesOuter box (Only items attached to the accessories are included, those that are taken in the photo are included.

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