HERMES Hermes Kelly 32 V Chamonix □ D Engraved 2000 year engraved ladies handbag DH 46905 [pre] A rank

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There is a slight rubbing on the corner.

Outside ... There are scratches and a few scratches.

Inner · · · There is a little rubbing.

Handle ... There is rubbing.

Metal fittings ... There are scratches.
Engraving: □ D stamp made in 2000 Others: Please do not hesitate to contact us at the image.
typeBrand bag
Colornatural brown
MaterialVaud Chamonie
AH about 230 mm x W about 320 mm x D about 100 mm
Handle: about 24 cm
Shoulder: about 91.5 cm
pocketInside: Two open pockets, one zip pocket x 1
accessoriesStorage bag, shoulder strap, key, cadena, crochette

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