Gucci 5 Charm Chain Bracelet / Sv 925 - 38.0 g / Silver / GUCCI Next Day Delivery Available ■ 217119

Selling price: USD 198.11(tax included)

Product control number (product URL):9866-GICA0222L
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It is already finished newly ★
Engraving: 17
Detailed remarks: Although we are refining the whole, small scratches will remain due to incompatible threads on specifications. Please confirm the state and purchase only those who can understand.
ColorSilver Silver
MaterialSv 925
sizeSize details: gold: Sv 925
Gram: 38.0 g
[Size (about below)]
Center plate size H: 20.5 mm × W: 12.6 mm × D: 1.3 mm
Arm around: 19.5 cm
Width: 1.0 cm
accessoriesDrawstring bags (external items) (For items with accessories, only those with description are attached, only those that are taken in the photo are included.

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