CHANEL Chanel Matrasse chain shoulder bag black (gold hardware) Lambskin [pre] [

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■ Condition: There is evidence of color painting repair on the whole There is a scratch on the corner Scratched on the inside, scratched Metalwork is scratched, stamped, rusted Sharp on the serial seal Rubbed on the shoulder, frayed on the shoulder Faded by the scorching on the whole, rubbed, There are scratches, dirt spots

■ Brand name: CHANEL (Chanel)
■ Product Name: Matrasse Chain Shoulder Bag ■ Color: Black (Gold Hardware)
■ Material: Lambskin ■ Size: about W22 × H14 × D7 cm / length of the strap drop about 52 cm / shoulder length up to about 110 cm
■ Accessories: Guarantee / Serial seal (Serial No: 3 * 50245 (* partial reading impossible))
* Those not listed in the accessories column are not attached in principle.
■ Remarks: As there are traces of coloring repair outside the company, there is a possibility that repair with Chanel boutique can not be performed.

"Matrasse" is originally designed to prevent the leather from collapsing rather than design, it is not only beautiful appearance but also the line that felt the soul of Coco Chanel who emphasized functionality and practicality. It is a nice bag that trims out a classical atmosphere. [Shinsaibashi shop]

Part number (model number)2109400088774
typeBrand bag
ColorBlack (Gold hardware)
AApproximately W22 x H14 x D 7 cm / length of strap drop about 52 cm / shoulder length up to about 110 cm
accessoriesGuarantee / serial seal (serial number: 3 * 50245 (* part can not be read))
Reference priceUSD 4,210.69
Item attributeFour

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