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Kate Spade Kate Spade Fern - Street Mini Harmony PXRU 5318 Tote Bag Leather Pink Women's [pre]

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There are a few small scratches on the metal fittings, a slight habit on the steering wheel, but there is no conspicuous damage etc. It is a very beautiful state as a whole.
Inside · Other: Metal part: small scratch

Typhida - Street Model Mini Harmony Product Description Cate Spade's Cedar Street Mini Harmony Tote Bag is in stock. Very fashionable and cute design with vivid pink color. There is storage capacity more than it looks, shawl is also possible and it is convenient to carry.
For everyday use, of course, it is also recommended for a little outing.
Please do not hesitate to purchase on this occasion.
Part number (model number)PXRU 5318
brandOther Brands
typeBrand bag
typeTote Bag
ColorPink / Pink
AW about 41 (top) - 26.5 (bottom) cm x H about 23 cm x D about 13 cm
Handle: Approximately 49.5 cm
pocketClosure type: inside the fastener: Fastener pocket x 1, open pocket x 2
accessoriesstorage bags

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