Cartier Cartier LOVE Love Bracelet Bracelet Bangle Gold K18YG (750) Yellow

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■ Condition: There are small scratches in some places

■ Brand Name: Cartier (Cartier)
■ Product Name: LOVE Love Bracelet Bracelet Bangle
■ Color: Gold
■ Material: K18 YG (750) Yellow Gold
■ Size: Engraved # 17 / around the arm about 16cm (width about 6mm)
■ Weight: 32.2 g
■ Accessories:-(with driver)
※ In principle, items not listed in the accessories column are not included.
■ Remarks: It is a bracelet of the Cartier love collection that symbolizes lean and neat bis, finished oval shape, free love and its bonds. 【Shinsaibashi muscle store】

Product number (model number)2109400088224
typeBrand jewelry
MaterialK18YG (750) Yellow gold
sizeEngraved # 17 / about arm around 16 cm (width about 6 mm)
accessories-(With driver)
Reference priceUSD 8,365.40
Product attribute3

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