Ginza store HERMES GARDEN PARTY PM TOAL Officie tote bag Blue Zanzibar SV metal fitting A stamp

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There is a very slight dirt in a single corner in one place, but not very conspicuous, but there is not much use feeling in others, so it is in a very beautiful state.

Brand name: HERMES (Hermes)
Product name: Ginza store Hermes Garden Party PM Toile Officier Tote Blue Blue Zanzibar SV metal fitting A Engraved color: Blue series / Blue Zanzibar × SV metal fitting material: Toileufficier × leather size: about W 36.5 × H 26 × D 17 cm / handle length About 43 cm
Accessory: Storage bag serial number: A stamp (manufactured in 2017)

Management number 76026
typeBrand bag
typeTote Bag
seriesGarden Party
ColorBlue series / Blue Zanzibar × SV hardware
MaterialTowal Officier × Leather
AAbout W36.5 × H26 × D17 cm / handle length of about 43 cm
accessoriesstorage bags
RemarksManagement number 76026

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