GUCCI Gucci 154256 Half fold wallet Men's Women's Shima Line wallet (with coin purse) Leather / Ivory ladies

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Product control number (product URL):9865-62123-15585-34
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Misshapen from use. Discoloration, stains and glue stains to the wallet. The snap is loose.
Outside: scratches, dirt, threads
Shape: shape collapse
Inside: scratch, thread, dirt
Metal parts: scratches, dirt, discoloration, discoloration, dullness
Odor: There is a smell (not strong)
【Model】 Men's Women
Folded wallet Shima Line
Part number (model number)154256
typeBrand wallet · accessory
ColorBeige / Ivory type
MaterialLeather /
AW 18.5 cm x H 9 cm
pocketInside: Card pocket x 7

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