Gucci GG Supreme · Bee Webbing webbing round fastener wallet / 408831 / beige × green × red / GUCCI next day delivery possible ■ 221701

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Product control number (product URL):9866-8LFA0147U
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It becomes an unused item. (Please acknowledge very few threads etc. that will stick at the time of storage.)
Serial number: 493075
Part number (model number)408831
ColorBeige beige × green × red
MaterialGG Supreme
ASize Details: Line: GG Supreme
[Size (about below)]
Size: H10 cm × W 19 cm × D 2.5 cm
Opening and Closing: Fastener Type
Wallet: 3
Purses: 1
Card insertion: 12
accessoriesShopper outer box (light dirt) preservation bag CARE CARD control card Ribbon (For accessories, only those with description are attached, only those taken in the photo are included.

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