Chanel Coco Mark Oval Sunglasses / Glasses / 4099 / Purple × Silver × Gray System / CHANEL Next Day Delivery Available ■ 221744

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Product control number (product URL):9866-DOVA0047L
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[Frame] Thin thin threads in some places
[Lens] thin several threads
Engraving: C.124 / 7A.55 □ 16.130
Details Remarks: Although there is some feeling of use, there is no conspicuous damage and it is a condition that you can still use it ★
Part number (model number)Long Island
ColorPurple Purple × Silver × Gray series
MaterialPlastic metal material
ASize details: [Size (about below)]
Between thread: 12.5 cm
Front front: 13.0 cm
Lens H: 3.5 cm
Lens W: 5.7 cm
Nose width: 1.8 cm
Temple: 14.0 cm
Lens color: monochrome
accessoriesOuter case Case care card cloth (Only accessories are listed, those with description are attached, only those taken in the photo are included.

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