GUCCI Gucci fold wallet Sima Leather Black Men's [pre]

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Only a slight angle thread and wrinkle are seen. There are small scratches and dullness on the metal fittings. Inside is the point where the leather is thinned by the thread and the part where the color shifts. Inside of your wallet is light dirty and thread scratches are seen, and the inside of the coin purse is whitish.
Outside: Surface: Small scratch, thread, wrinkle
Corner: Sled, wrinkle

Inside · Other: Inside: light dirt, thread
Metal part: Small scratch, dullness

Product Description It is an introduction of a two fold wallet from Gucci.
Gold color metal fittings to black color will be goods drifting luxurious.
There is a presence while small.
It's simple, so you can patronize it regardless of age.
Since it is one item in reality, it is first come, first served.
Do not miss this encounter by all means!
ColorBlack / Black
MaterialSima Leather
AW about 10.5 cm x H about 9.5 cm x D about 1.5 cm
pocketOpening closing type: open button coin purse x 1, wallet x 2, card pocket x 3, free pocket x 2

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