Chloe Paraty · 2WAY handbag / S891043C - 4766 / dark brown system / Chloe next day delivery possible / b 181119 ■ 223028

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Product control number (product URL):9866-BTHA0139L
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  • second hand Rank B
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[Outside] A place around the opening / closing opening place
[Steering wheel] Several cracks crack into the border
[Shoulder] Slight corrosion around the base metal fittings, slight damage to both side grooves (yore, crackling)
[Corner] Bottom face thread
[Type collapse] None
Production number: CI 21800035 / 039056-01
Part number (model number)S891043C-4766
ColorBrown dark brown series
ASize Details: Item Name: Palati
[Size (below about)]
Size: H25 cm × W 25/37 cm × D 17 cm
Possession: 27 cm
Shoulder: 87 cm
Adjustment: no
Removal: Enabled
Opening and Closing: Fastener Type
Fastener pocket: 1
Partition: None
accessoriesStorage bag Shoulder strap Guaranteed (2009/07 / ** Shinjuku Isetan) Care card (Only accessories are listed, those with description are attached, we only attach them to you. )

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