Chloe Chloe 2way handbag leather beige women's [pre]

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Scratches and plating peeling are seen in the metal fittings, thin dirt and scratches on the entire surface are the Onza い ま す. Leather is peeled off the corner by thread, dirt and thread scratches etc on the bottom is the Onza い ま す. Fluffing and leather stripping are seen at the shoulder root, and the handle part is dirty. Inside, you can see fading and dirt on the whole.

Because it is goods with a feeling of use There may be damage which can not be described. Those who do not understand second - hand, please refrain.
Outside: Surface: scratches, dirt, threads, wrinkles
Handle · Strap: dirty, thread
Corner: Scratch, dirt, thread, wrinkle

Inside · Other: Inside: dirt
Hardware part: Scratch, dullness
Fastener part: Scratch, dullness

Type 2 way Product explanation It is an introduction of 2way handbag from Chloe.
Beige color is decorated with logo metal fittings on the front, and it becomes elegant drifty feeling luxurious while being elegant. The opening / closing opening becomes large and you can carry out loading and unloading smoothly.
Because pockets are abundant, storage capacity is outstanding.
Since there is a shoulder strap, feelings of the day and What you can choose according to fashion is attractive.
Since it is one item in reality, it is first come, first served.
Do not miss this encounter by all means!
typeBrand bag
ColorBeige / Beige
AW about 35.5 cm x H about 27.5 cm x D about 13.5 cm
Handle: about 41 cm
Shoulder: about 99.5 cm
pocketClosure type: inside the fastener: Open pocket x 1

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