Chrome Hearts Vintage Rolex Star Bubble Bag

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We installed a bubble bag case of the 1930s to a star erotic bracelet with a high rarity value, it has become a very rare gem. Not only the collector of Chrome Hearts, but also a vintage ROLEX favorite one I'd like you to get. In the product state, there is scorch on the dial and needle. Breath has small wounds that can not be polished, but it is a very beautiful item that has been finished with new finish. Please acknowledge that there may be small scratches, threads etc due to exhibition ※.

Brand name: ROLEX (ROLEX)
Product Name: Chrome Hearts Vintage Rolex Star Bubble Bag Product No .: 2940/112804
Size: around the arm about 19 cm
Accessory: / In-house quality certificate

AB There are some feeling of use, but there are no noticeable dirt and bruises.
Part number (model number)5102127-842700368 2940/112804
typeMen's Watches
AApproximately 19 cm around the arm
Case sizeApproximately 19 cm around the arm
accessories/ In-house quality certificate

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