Chanel Ribbon Rhinestone Necklace

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Founded in 1910 by founder Coco Chanel. Opening the Maison de Couture in 1915, Chanel debuted in earnest as a haute couture designer. Elegant, feminine, full of modalism, and a blend of classic and modern, Chanel is a luxury brand for women. We received "Ribbon Rhinestone Necklace" from such CHANEL. As for the state of the product, there are small scratches, slight stains and some hits on the surface, but you can still use it for a long time.

Brand Name: CHANEL (Chanel)
Product Name: Chanel Ribbon Rhinestone Necklace
Size: Neck around about 42cm / total length about 66cm diameter 17mm
Weight: 13.7g
Accessories: Storage box

A There is no feeling of use very much, and it is a beautiful state with few dirt and bruises.
Product number (model number)5102120-842100007
typeBrand jewelry
sizeNeck circumference about 42 cm / total length about 66 cm diameter 17 mm
accessoriesStorage box

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