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Fred Force 10 750 PG

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Since its birth in 1966, the French brand "FRED" has always been evolving. "Force 10" that shackle of yacht is impressive. Founded from the romantic episode that the son of Fred Samuel's got the cable of the yacht clasped into a bracelet, and gave it to his beloved wife "Force 10" collection Received "force 10 bracelet cord 18" from such FRED I did. . As for the product condition, the cable has dirt and thread, but it is a very beautiful item with a new finish. ※ Please note that there may be small scratches and threads from the display.

Brand Name: FRED (Fred)
Product Name: Fred Force 10 750PG
Size: Around the arm about 18cm / total length about 19cm
Weight: 17.6g
Accessories: / None

S New Finished (There may be small scratches that can not be polished)
Product number (model number)5700045-842100006
brandOther Brands
typeBrand jewelry
sizeAround the arm about 18cm / total length about 19cm
accessories/ Without

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