HERMES HERMES Petti Ash Heart Bag Charm Multi Color Leather 【Used】 【Rank A】 Men /

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# Condition: somewhat scrub equipped.

■ Brand name: HERMES (Hermes)
■ Product Name: Petit Ash Heart Bag Charm ■ Color: Multi Color ■ Material: Leather ■ Size: Motif about W 6.0 × H 7.2 cm 【Including Frame · Vatican etc】 (Total Length: Approximately 22 cm)
■ Accessories: -
* Those not listed in the accessories column are not attached in principle.
■ Remarks: petit h "is cut off in the process of making Hermes products such as Birkin and Kelly, gathering leather etc which is originally thrown away and breathing new life. 【Nagoya Osu shop】

Part number (model number)2107600684482
typeBrand wallet · accessory
typecoin purse
AMotif about W 6.0 × H 7.2 cm 【Including frame · Vatican etc】 (Total length: about 22 cm)
Reference priceUSD 555.41
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