CHANEL Chanel New Travel Line Tote MM Tote Bag Black Nylon [Pre] [Rank A] Les

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■ Condition: there is rubbing
There is a small scratch on the edge, rubbing
There are small scratches and rubs on the metal fittings
Small scratches on the leather, rubbing, wrinkles
Small scratches on nylon, with rubbing
There are small scratches, rubs and wrinkles on the handle
Small scratches on the opening, rubbing
Small scratch inside, with rubbing
Small scratches on the bottom, rubbing
There is rubbing on the bottom
There is rubbing in the front
There is rubbing on the back

■ Brand Name: CHANEL (Chanel)
■ Product Name: New Travel Line Tote MM Tote Bag
■ Color: Black
Material: Nylon
■ Size: about W 35.5 × H 26 × D 16 cm / handle length of about 43 cm / strap drop length of about 18.5 cm (belt length of about 30 cm measure the length from the root)
■ Pocket: Inside / zipper × 2
■ Accessories: Serial seal
※ In principle, items not listed in the accessories column are not included.
■ Remarks: The new travel line is characterized by its casual design using nylon material, and among these, the tote bag is a standard line with many fans. A simple and easy-to-use design is a perfect companion to your outing. 【Shinsaibashi muscle store】

Product number (model number)2109400094638
typeBrand bag
sizeAbout W 35.5 × H 26 × D 16 cm / Handle length about 43 cm / Strap drop length about 18.5 cm (Belt length about 30 cm Measure the length from the root)
accessoriesSerial seal
Reference priceUSD 1,292.17
Product attribute3

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