HERMES Hermes Garden Party PM 2003 winter bag handbag wool × tweed × buffle □ G engraved ladies' tote bag DH 50573 [pre]

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Product control number (product URL):9870-DH50573
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Horn ... There is rubbing.

Bottom · · There is rubbing.

Metal fittings ... There is a little rubbing.
Producing country: France
Production year: 2003
Engraving: □ G
Other: Retractable type: button hook

Please do not hesitate to inquire about the part which you do not understand in the image.
typeBrand bag
typeTote Bag
ColorMoss green / green / moss green
MaterialWool / tweed / buffle
AH about 260 mm x W about 360 mm x D about 170 mm
Handle: about 45 cm

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