HERMES Hermes Short Boots Brown Leather / Wood [Used] [Rank A] Women's

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Product control number (product URL):3777-2104101698321
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■ State: It is a commodity of use item There is feeling of use peculiar to leather There is feeling of use on shoe sole

■ Brand name: HERMES (Hermes)
■ Product Name: Short Boots ■ Color: Brown ■ Material: Leather / Wood ■ Size: (ITALY Size: 37 JPN Size: about 23.5 - 24 cm heel height: about 8 cm)
■ Accessories: -
* Those not listed in the accessories column are not attached in principle.
■ Remarks: Shoes boots that are thick and easy to walk Heel is thick Shoes boots are easy to walk.

Part number (model number)2104101698321
typeOther items
MaterialLeather / Wood
A(ITALY size: 37 JPN size: about 23.5 - 24 cm heel height: about 8 cm)
Item attribute3

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