HERMES Leather Women's Serie Glove Glove Black 【Accessory】 ★

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Product control number (product URL):4165-90000581
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Product Summary

Leather gloves with a familiar serie with a button from Hermes. It is elegant that gold's cerie metal fittings are chic black color ♪ It is a simple and elegant design, so it is an item you can use long at the end regardless of age ♪

Product Details

Control number 90000581
brand Hermes (HERMES)
Product rank 8.5 points
(Please see the above "State details of goods")
Product name A glove
Model number / stamp -
size Notation size: 6 1/2
Overall length: maximum 18.8 cm
Upper width: maximum 7.5 cm
Around the wrist: 13 cm

Please note some errors
Color Body: Black Hardware: Gold


Product Details There are small scratches on the metal fittings, wrinkles and habit in the whole leather, and threads at the fingertips, but recommended items that you can match various coordinates for the striking glove with the cerie metal fittings.
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typeBrand wallet · accessory

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