Chanel 2.55 Round zipper Long wallet leather black [Brand] ★

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Product management number (product URL):4165-90000853
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  • second hand Outside: 8.5 points Inside: 8.5 points
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Product Summary

It is a round fastener wallet of 2.55 lines from Chanel. Because the color is black, it is an excellent design with wide storage and excellent storage feeling, so it's an item that you can use for a long time.

Product Details

Control number90000853
Product rankOutside: 8.5 points Inside: 8.5 points
(Please see the above "Product Status Details")
Product name2.55 round fastener wallet
Model number / engraving-
Weight: 200g

Inside: wallet × 2
Fastener type Coin Pocketx1
Card pocket × 8
Free pocket x 2

Please note that some errors
ColorBody: Black
Hardware: Silver
Serial seal (8 digits 16 series)
Guarantee card
Product DetailsOutside: There is a slight scratch in some places, a small pill, a small scratch in the corner thread and metal fittings on the side canvas of the zipper.
Inside: There are dirt and darkening inside the coin purse, and some leather marks have floats due to some marks and cards.
Reference price-
※ This item will be a genuine item of appraised.
Please be aware that colors that are difficult to transmit in images may differ depending on the settings of your computer.
typeBrand wallet and accessories
typelong wallet

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