Hermes Glove Holder Gold 【Brand】 ★

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Product control number (product URL):4165-90005800
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  • second hand 8.5 points
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Product Summary

It is an introduction of Hermes' fashionable item "Phil". Necessary item in cold winter It is a recommended item that you can use it as a glove folder, even if you use it as a back charm, the H mark becomes an accents of coordination.

Product Details

Control number 90005800
brand Hermes (HERMES)
Product rank 8.5 points (Please see the "State details of the item above")
Product name Filile glove holder
Model number / stamp -
size W 2.8 × H 6 cm
Total length: about 19.5 cm
Weight: 25.4 g

Please note some errors
Material -
Color gold
accessories None
Product Details There are blackening in the chain, small scratches and blows on the whole, there are plating wastes due to wire scratches and scratches on one side of the ring, but it is recommended items that you can use for a long time at the end.
Reference price -
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typeBrand accessories
typeOther accessories

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