Unused Hermes ornament Petit H round type silk 【Brand】 ★

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Product control number (product URL):4165-90007927
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Product Summary

Collector must-see! It is a very cute Christmas ornament from Hermes's re-creation project [Petit h], where craftsmen and artists breathe new life ♪ Rare being sold on an irregular basis for a limited time at the limited Hermes boutique in the world It is said that there are many works of 1 point, because it uses things cut out, such as scraps etc., which can not be planned and manufactured. It is a perfect item to decorate a nice Christmas as well as a bag charm in everyday with elegant objects filled with humor while leaving the elegant elegance.

Product Details

Control number 90007927
brand Hermes (HERMES)
Product rank 9 points (Please see "State details of the item above")
Product name Petit ash ornament charm
Model number / stamp -
size W11 × H11 cm
Weight: 14.2 g

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Material silk
Color Green series
accessories None
Product Details It is unused · exhibition goods.

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typeBrand wallet · accessory
typeOther accessories

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