Chanel CHANEL 2 WAY New Travel Line Rucksack Yellow

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Product control number (product URL):6589-044533
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Outside: There is a feeling of use such as some threads and thin dirt on the surface and corners.

Inside: There are slight feeling of use such as threads and thin dirt, some type collapse on the side.

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Brand name: CHANEL (Chanel)
Product Name: Chanel CHANEL 2WAY New Travel Line Rucksack Yellow Color: Yellow / Yellow Material: Nylon
Size: Approximately W24.5 x H22 x D 10 cm / Shoulder length about 36 cm - 76 cm
Accessories: Serial seal

Chanel popular "New Travel Line" ☆
It is a rucksack using light and durable nylon material ♪
By adjusting the length of the shoulder,
Rucksacks, shoulder bags can be changed.

Control number 44533
typeBrand bag
typeBackpack · Rucksack
seriesTravel line
ColorYellowish / Yellow
AApproximately W24.5 x H22 x D 10 cm / Shoulder length approximately 36 cm - 76 cm
accessoriesSerial seal

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