Terms of Service

[Important] Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before registering.

The Terms and Conditions set forth your rights and obligations in using the Service.
By clicking on the "Agree and Register" button, you agree to all of the terms of this Code.

Article 1 (Member) 

  1. "Member" means an individual who applies for admission after agreeing to the Terms and Conditions in accordance with the procedures established by the Company. 
  2. “Member information” means information on the attributes of members that members disclose to the Company, and information such as history of transactions of members. 
  3. These terms and conditions apply to all members and are the terms and conditions that you follow during the registration process and after registration. 

  Article 2 (Registration) 

  1. Membership qualification 
  Customers agreeing to these terms and conditions and applying for membership will be eligible as members after completing the prescribed registration procedure.  The member registration procedure should be conducted by the member.  Registration by proxy is not permitted at all.  In addition, there may be cases in which a member application from a person whose membership qualification has been revoked or who has been judged inappropriate by the Company may be refused. 

  2. Enter member information 
  Please read the precautionary statements carefully and make sure to enter exactly what you need in the form provided.  Special symbols, old kanji, Roman numerals, etc. can not be used when registering membership information.  If these characters are registered, we will change them. 

  3. Manage Password 
  (1) The password can only be used by the member, and can not be transferred or lent to a third party. 
  (2) The member himself / herself should manage with responsibility, such as changing the password regularly so that others do not know it. 
  (3) Indication of intention made to the Company using a password is regarded as the intention of the member himself, and all payments etc. resulting therefrom are the responsibility of the member. 

  Article 3 (Change) 

  1. Members shall promptly contact the Company if there is a change in matters reported to the Company, such as their name and address. 
  2. We will not be liable for any damage caused by not being registered for change.  Also, even if a change is registered, please be aware that transactions that have been filed before the change registration will be conducted based on the information before the change registration. 

  Article 4 (Withdrawal) 

  If the member wants to withdraw from the membership, the member himself should withdraw from the membership.  After the prescribed withdrawal procedure, you will be unsubscribed. 

  Article 5 (Loss of Membership and Obligation for Compensation) 

  1. If a member has performed or falls under any of the following conditions, the Company immediately cancels the buyer or membership without prior notice and accesses all or part of the service. It is possible to take measures for refusal and suspension of use. 
  (1) In the case of performing the prohibited acts prescribed by our company 
  (2) If there is a false statement in the report to the company, the content of the notification 
  (3) Unauthorized use of membership number and password 
  (4) In the event that there is a delay or default on the debt to the Company 
  (5) In the case where our business is interrupted by accessing our website and falsifying information or sending harmful computer programs to our website etc. 
  (6) When we infringe on intellectual property rights of products handled by our company 
  (7) If it is found that the expulsion / qualification cancellation has been made in the past due to a violation of the member terms of service, etc. 
  (8) In the case of violating laws and regulations or our membership rules 
  (9) When it is found that the registered mobile phone number or e-mail address has been interrupted 
  (10) If the member is in debt, ineffectiveness, suspension of payment or inpayment 
  (11) In case of undue inconvenience to other members or third parties 
  (12) In cases where it is found that the registered financial institution's account is illegal or inappropriate or that there is an issue or other problem by the financial institution 
  (13) When there is a request from one or both of the settlement business operator and the storage agency business operator to stop the use of the main service of the member or when the provision of the settlement and storage agency service for the member is suspended 
  (14) The member disseminates violent claims, unfair claims beyond legal responsibility, acts of threatening speech or acts, acts of violence, reputations and acts as a third party. Or in the case of using the power to destroy credit or interrupt business operations 
  (15) In addition, conduct actions contrary to these Terms of Use 
  2. In accordance with the preceding paragraph, a person whose qualification has been revoked shall pay the entire debt to the Company by the date specified by the Company. 
  3. We have not received any questions or complaints regarding the measures in the preceding paragraph.  In addition, if, at the time of the Measures, the Company has any rights in the Services, the Company can deem that the Member has abandoned the applicable rights, and the Company will not be liable for damages resulting from the Measures. We shall not be liable for anything. 

  Article 6 (Handling of member information) 

  1. In principle, the Company will not disclose membership information to third parties without the prior consent of the membership.  However, in the following cases, we can disclose member information and other customer information without the prior consent of the member. 
  (1) When disclosure is required based on laws and regulations 
  (2) In the case where the Company determines that it is necessary to protect the Company's rights, interests, and honor 
  2. We will manage member information in accordance with our "Personal Information Protection Initiative".  We can use member information in our company for the purpose of providing service to members, improving service contents, promoting use of services, and ensuring sound and smooth operation of services. You 
  3. We shall be able to provide information (including advertisements) to members through e-mail magazines and other methods.  If a member does not want to provide information, he / she can stop providing information if he / she can notify that in accordance with the method prescribed by our company.  However, the provision of information necessary for the operation of this service can not be suspended at the request of the member. 

  Article 7 (Points) 

  1. Grant of points 
  (1) The Company shall grant the Member a number of points determined by the Company if the Member purchases goods, etc. in a manner designated by the Company in the Service, and if the Company otherwise deems appropriate. 
  (2) Points shall be awarded to members at the time determined by the Company. 
  2. Use of points 
  (1) When purchasing a product, etc. designated by the Company in this service, members can use the points they hold as all or part of the price for the product, etc. at the conversion rate specified by the Company. 
  (2) The points that can be used at one time are limited to the number of points separately determined by our company. 
  (3) Points shall not be redeemable.  However, this does not apply if required by law. 
  3. Do not combine points 
  (1) Members shall not be able to share, combine, give, lend, pledge and transfer points earned among members. 
  (2) If you have registered more than one member, members can not combine the points earned by each member.  If the member's multiple registration is found, the Company may delete all points acquired by the member or cancel the membership. 
  4. Cancellation, erasure, cancellation of points 
  (1) The Company shall be able to cancel or delete all or part of the points held by the Member if the Member determines that the matters specified below apply. 
  1 If you violate the terms of membership 
  2 If you get points by the wrong method 
  3 If points are awarded due to our mistake 
  4If you are no longer a member regardless of your intention 
  5If you abolish this service 
  6) If the Company determines that it is appropriate to cancel the points 
  (2) Points have a valid period.  Points acquired by members will expire and expire within one year from the date of acquisition.  The Company will not return points that have disappeared or expired for any reason. 
  (3) The Company shall not take any responsibility for compensation for points canceled or lost under this Article. 
  5. Use by third parties 
  The Company shall treat the use of the points in the member ID and password given to the members of the Service as the use of the member, and return the used points even if it is illegal use by a third party. And shall not be liable in any way. 
  6. Tax etc 
  Members will be responsible for any taxes or incidental expenses incurred as a result of earning points or using points. 
  7. Changes etc 
  (1) In addition to the provisions of this Article, all matters relating to points shall be stipulated by the Company, and the members shall consent in advance. 
  (2) Members agree in advance that they may change this item and other matters related to points (including, but not limited to, the awarding rate of points, products eligible for points, abolition of points system, etc.) Shall be 
  (3) The Company shall not be liable even in the event of any disadvantage or damage to the member pursuant to the preceding paragraph. 

  Article 8 (Prohibited matters) 

  1. When using this service, members are prohibited from performing the following acts. 
  (1) Violation of laws or regulations, terms of service, precautions for using the service, precautions for shopping with the service, other terms of service, etc. 
  (2) To impair the rights, profits, honor, etc. of the Company and other third parties 
  (3) Conducting acts that have the potential to adversely affect the mind and body of the adolescent, and other acts contrary to public order and morals 
  (4) Conduct an act that causes other users or other third parties to be bothered or annoyed 
  (5) Acts of providing, posting, transmitting information that is contrary to facts or other information that is contrary to public order and morals or that is likely to be violated 
  (6) Enter false information 
  (7) Send or write harmful computer programs, emails, etc. 
  (8) Unauthorized access to our servers and other computers 
  (9) Lending or transferring the password to a third party, or sharing it with a third party 
  (10) Providing other benefits to antisocial forces, etc. 
  (11) Unauthorized use of bugs in this service, system malfunctions, etc. 
  (12) Acts to develop transactions outside this service 
  (13) Acts that impede the operation of this service 
  (14) Others Judge as inappropriate 
  2. The Company can confirm the information and content posted or transmitted by users in order to confirm the existence of prohibited acts. 
  3. If the Company determines that the User has performed a prohibited act, or if it determines that the User is using the Service in violation of the Terms and Conditions etc., the Company will notify the User in advance. Without notification, the member's qualification is revoked, and access to all or part of the service is denied or suspended, or all or part of the content or information related to the user is deleted. I shall be able to do that.  We have not received any questions or complaints regarding the measures.  In addition, the Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by the measures in this Article.  The Company does not have any obligation to prevent or correct the user's prohibited acts or any other violations. 

  Article 9 (Interruption / Stop of Service etc.) 

 1. In order to keep the operation of the Service in good condition, the Company may suspend all or part of the provision of the Service without prior notice if any of the following applies. 
  (1) When necessary for regular maintenance and emergency maintenance of the system 
  (2) When the load is concentrated on the system 
  (3) When the operation of the system becomes difficult due to fire, blackout, or third-party sabotage 
  (4) In the case where the Company deems it necessary to shut down the system 

  Article 10 (Change and Abolition of Service) 

  The Company may, at its discretion, change or abolish all or part of the Service without prior notice. 

  Article 11 (Disclaimer) 

  1. We are not liable for any interruptions, delays, cancellations, loss of data, loss of data, damage caused by unauthorized access to data, or any other damage caused to our members regarding our services due to a failure such as a communication line or computer. Shall not. 
  2. We do not guarantee that email content sent from our web page, server, domain etc. will not contain harmful things such as computer viruses. 
  3. We will not be liable for any damage caused by a member in violation of the Terms and Conditions. 

  Article 12 (Revision of the Terms) 

  We may revise these terms and conditions at any time, and we may establish terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "refilling terms") to supplement these terms in our company.  Amendments or supplements to these terms and conditions shall take effect when the revised terms or supplementary terms and conditions are posted on the site designated by the Company.  In this case, the members will be subject to the revised terms and the supplementary terms. 

  Article 13 (Governing Law, Court of Jurisdiction) 

  If a dispute arises in relation to these terms, the district court having jurisdiction over the location of the Company's head office will be the exclusive agreement jurisdiction court of the first trial.