Terms of Use

[Important] Please read the following usage rules carefully before registering as a member.

In accordance with regulations, your rights and obligations in using this service are stipulated.
By clicking the "Agree and register as a member" button, you agree to all conditions of this regulation.

Article 1 (Members) 

  1. "Member" means an individual who applies for admission after agreeing to these terms in accordance with the procedure specified by the Company. 
  2. "Member information" means information on the attributes of the members disclosed by the members to the Company, and information on the members' transactions and transactions. 
  3. These Terms apply to all members and are the terms that you must observe in the registration process and after registration. 

  Article 2 (Registration) 

  1. Membership qualification 
  After agreeing to this agreement, the customer who applied for the prescribed membership will be qualified as a member after completing the prescribed registration procedure.  Membership registration procedures should be done by the individual who becomes a member.  Registration by proxy is not permitted at all.  In addition, we may refuse membership application from those who canceled membership in the past or those who judged that our company is not suitable. 

  2. Entering member information 
  Please carefully read the caution on entry and accurately enter necessary information in the predetermined input form at the time of member registration procedure.  In registering member information, special symbols, old Chinese characters, Roman numerals, etc. can not be used.  When these characters are registered, we will change it. 

  3. Password management 
  (1) Passwords can only be used by the members themselves, and can not be transferred or lent to a third party. 
  (2) Please change the password regularly so that it will not be known to others, the member himself should be responsible for managing it. 
  (3) The intention indication made to the Company using the password is deemed to be the intention of the member himself / herself, and all the payments that arise due to that will be the responsibility of the member. 

  Article 3 (Change) 

  1. The member shall promptly notify the Company if there is a change in the matters notified to us such as name, address etc. 
  2. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the fact that change registration was not made.  Also, even if change registration is made, please be aware that transactions that have already been processed before change registration will be made based on the information before change registration. 

  Article 4 (withdrawal) 

  If the member wishes to withdraw from membership, the member himself / herself should do the withdrawal procedure.  After the completion of the predetermined withdrawal procedure, it will be withdrawn. 

  Article 5 (Loss of membership obligation and compensation obligation) 

  1. In the event that the member has performed the acts prescribed in the following items or falls under any of the circumstances, the Company shall immediately withdraw its purchaser or membership without notice in advance and access the whole or a part of the service You may take measures to deny or stop using it. 
  (1) In cases where we prohibited acts established by the Company 
  (2) In the event of declaration to the Company, false information in the notification content 
  (3) Inappropriate use of membership number and password 
  (4) In the event of a delay in performance or default of obligations to the Company 
  (5) In the event of interfering with our business by accessing this website to tamper with information or sending a harmful computer program to this website 
  (6) When conducting an act of infringing the intellectual property right of the products handled by the Company 
  (7) In the past when it was discovered that it was expelled / qualified for qualification due to violation of the Members Terms of Service 
  (8) In case of violation of laws or the membership agreement 
  (9) When it is determined that the registered mobile phone number or mail address has been discontinued 
  (10) When the member falls into a state of excess of debt, no-capital, suspension of payment or insolvency 
  (11) Inappropriate inconvenience to other members or third parties 
  (12) In the event that the financial institution finds out that there is an illegal or inappropriate or other problem with respect to the account of the registered financial institution by the financial institution or other reasons 
  (13) In the case where a request is made by one of or both of the settlement business operator or storage agency to suspend the use of this service by the member, or when measures for suspension of provision of payment / storage agency service to the member are taken 
  (14) If the member himself or a third party himself / herself or a third party, disseminates violent request acts, unreasonable request acts beyond legal responsibility, acts using threatening behavior or violence, rumors, using spoofing In the case of conducting an act of damaging credit or obstructing work by using power or power 
  (15) To act against this Terms of Service 
  2. In accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, any person who has been revoked the qualification shall pay the Company the full amount of obligation to the Company by the deadline designated by the Company. 
  3. We do not accept any questions or complaints regarding the measures set forth in the preceding paragraph at all.  In addition, at the time of such measures, if the Company has any rights in this service, the Company may regard the member as having abandoned the applicable rights and the Company may consider the damage caused by such measures We will not bear any responsibility. 

  Article 6 (Handling of member information) 

  1. In principle, we do not disclose member information to third parties without prior consent of the members.  However, in the case of the following items, the Company shall be able to disclose member information and other customer information without prior consent of the member. 
  (1) When requested to be disclosed based on laws and ordinances 
  (2) When the Company determines that it is necessary to protect our rights, interests, honor, etc. 
  2. As for the membership information, we will manage it in accordance with our "efforts to protect personal information".  The Company shall be able to use the member information for the purpose of providing services to members, improving service contents, promoting use of services, and ensuring sound and smooth operation of services I will. 
  3. The Company shall be able to provide information to members (including advertisements) by e-mail magazines and other methods.  If the member does not wish to provide information, we will stop providing information if you notify us according to the method specified by our company.  However, we can not stop the information supply necessary for this service operation at the request of the member. 

  Article 7 (points) 

  1. Point granting 
  (1) We will grant members the number of points stipulated by the Company when members purchase products, etc. in the method designated by the Company in this service, or when other company deems it appropriate. 
  (2) Points shall be granted to members at the time specified by the Company. 
  2. Use of points 
  (1) When purchasing products designated by the Company in this service, the member can use the points held as all or part of the price of the item etc. at the conversion rate determined by the Company. 
  (2) The points that can be used at one time are limited to the number of points separately determined by the Company. 
  (3) Points shall not be converted into cash.  However, this is not the case when necessary by law. 
  3. Prohibition of adding points 
  (1) Members can not share, sum, donate, borrow, pledge or transfer among the members the points earned. 
  (2) In case of registering multiple members, members can not add points earned by each member.  If we find multiple registration of members, we will be able to delete all the points earned by that member or cancel the membership. 
  4. Cancellation / deletion / deletion of points 
  (1) The Company shall be able to cancel or cancel all or part of the points held by the member if it determines that the member falls under the matters specified below. 
  ① In case of violating our membership agreement etc. 
  ② When points are acquired by an illegal method 
  ③ When points are granted due to our error 
  ④ If you are not a member regardless of your will 
  ⑤ When to abolish this service 
  ⑥ Other When we deem that it is appropriate to cancel points 
  (2) Points have a validity period.  Points acquired by members will expire or expire in one year from the acquisition date.  We will not return points that have disappeared or revoked regardless of the reason. 
  (3) The Company shall not compensate any points for points canceled or extinguished by this section, and shall not bear any responsibility. 
  5. Third party use 
  The Company shall treat the use of the points with the member ID and password given to the member of this service as use of the member and even if it was illegal use by a third party, we return the points used I will assume no responsibility at all. 
  6. Taxes, etc. 
  Members will be responsible for taxes and other incidental expenses accompanying the acquisition of points, the use of points, etc. 
  7. Change etc. 
  (1) In addition to stipulating in this section, all matters concerning the point shall be determined by the Company, and the member shall acknowledge it beforehand. 
  (2) The Member agrees in advance that there may be cases where we may make changes to items relating to this section and other points (including the point grant rate, point target product, point system excluding, but not limited to this) We shall do. 
  (3) We are not responsible for any disadvantage or damage to the members according to the preceding paragraph. 

  Article 8 (Prohibited matter) 

  1. When using this service, prohibiting members from doing the acts of the following items is prohibited. 
  (1) Be in violation of laws or regulations or this agreement, attention on using this service, attention on shopping on this service and other terms and conditions 
  (2) damaging the rights, interests, honor, etc. of the Company and other third parties 
  (3) conduct acts that may adversely affect the physical and mental condition of the youth, conduct other acts contrary to public order and morals 
  (4) To conduct acts that cause other users or other third parties to inconvenience or act to cause discomfort 
  (5) Information contrary to facts Other acts of providing, posting and sending information to the Company, other users, or third parties against or against the public order and morals 
  (6) Entering false information 
  (7) Sending or writing harmful computer programs, mails, etc. 
  (8) Unauthorized access to our servers and other computers 
  (9) Lending or transferring a password to a third party, or to share it with a third party 
  (10) Provision of benefits to antisocial forces and other cooperative acts 
  (11) Acts of unlawfully using bugs in this service, system malfunctions, etc. 
  (12) The act of bringing about the advancement of transactions outside this service 
  (13) Acts that hamper the operation of this service 
  (14) Others We judge it as inappropriate. 
  2. In order to confirm the prohibited act, the Company can check the information / content that the user posted or sent. 
  3. In the event that the Company determines that the user has performed a prohibited act or if the user judges that the user is using this service in violation of the membership agreement etc., the Company will inform the user in advance Take measures such as revoking the qualification as a member, refusing / stopping access to the whole or a part of this service, deleting all or part of the contents and information related to the user without notifying it We shall be able to do.  We do not accept any questions or complaints concerning such measures.  In addition, we are not responsible for any damage caused by the measures in this section.  Please note that we are not obligated to prevent or correct any prohibited acts or other violations by users. 

  Article 9 (Interruption / suspension of service etc) 

 1. In order to maintain the operating status of this service well, we may suspend all or part of the provision of this service without prior notice if it falls under one of the following items. 
  (1) When necessary for periodic maintenance and emergency maintenance of the system 
  (2) When load is concentrated on the system 
  (3) When the operation of the system becomes difficult due to fire, blackouts, disturbing acts by third parties, etc. 
  (4) Other cases, if we decide that it is necessary to stop the system without being forced to stop 

  Article 10 (Change or abolishment of service) 

  Based on that judgment, we can change or abolish the service as necessary or not without notice in advance or in whole. 

  Article 11 (Indemnity) 

  1. We are totally responsible for any disruption, retardation, discontinuation, loss of data due to failure of communication line or computer, damage caused by unauthorized access to data, or damage caused to members regarding our service Shall not. 
  2. We do not guarantee that harmful items such as computers and viruses are not included in mail / contents sent from our web page · server domain etc. 
  3. We are not responsible for any damage caused by members violating these Terms and Conditions. 

  Article 12 (Revision of this agreement) 

  We may revise this Agreement arbitrarily and we may declare a contract to supplement this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "supplementary agreement") at our company.  Revision or replenishment of these Terms shall take effect upon posting the revised Terms or Supplementary Conditions on the Company's designated site.  In this case, the member shall comply with the revised regulations and supplementary agreement. 

  Article 13 (Governing law, competent court) 

  In the event of a dispute with respect to these Terms, the district court having jurisdiction over the location of the Company's head office shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.