brand:Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Nomad Sack pla tote bag / M 512 17 / Camel Brown / LOUIS VUITTON Next day delivery available / b 190 712 ■ 298 465

Selling price: USD 2,230.94(tax included)

Product management number (product URL):9866-BTA6768M
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[Outside] some places scratch scratch and discoloration
[Inside] thread by use marks, slightly fluff, smell like cigarette
[Handle] fine plating peeling off to metal fittings
Serial number: ** 0128
Details Remarks: Since there is a feeling of use (damage), please purchase the person who can understand it.
Product number (model number)M51217
brandLouis Vuitton
ColorBrown camel brown
MaterialNomad leather
sizeSize Details: Line: Nomad
Item name: Sack plastic
[Size (below about)]
Size: H37 cm x W35.5 cm x D8 cm
Possession: 38 cm
Fastener pocket: 1
Open pocket: 3
accessoriesCare booklet (Included items are listed, only those taken in the photos. Please check together.)

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