Clover tweed handbag

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Founded in 1910 by founder Coco Chanel. With the opening of “Maison de Couture” in 1915, Chanel debuted in earnest as a haute couture designer. Chanel is elegant, feminine, full of mode, and a classic fusion of modern and classic. "Clover tweed handbag" was received from such CHANEL. The product state is some scratches on the metal fittings, some scratches on the handle, some threads on the corner, some scratches and dirt on the surface, some dirt and some scratches and some pen marks on the inside, some peeling on the handle edge coating There is, but you can use it regularly in the future.

Brand Name: CHANEL (Chanel)
Product Name: Clover Tweed Handbag
Size: About W36 x H25 x D21cm / Handle length of about 21cm
Accessories: Serial seal / charm
Manufacturing number: 10589058

AB Although there is some feeling of use, it is in a state without noticeable dirt and damage.
Product number (model number)5100532-842100153
typeBrand bag
sizeAbout W36 × H25 × D21cm / Handle length about 21cm
accessoriesSerial seal / charm

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