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Ginza store Federi knit sweater cable knitting V-neck Italy tops white system size: 48

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Brand Name: FEDELI
Product name: Ginza store Federi knit sweater cable knitting V neck Italy tops white
Color: White / Off White x Navy
Material: wool 100%
Size : Flat size about shoulder width 39 × width 55 × length 75 cm sleeve length 65 cm Notation size: 48
Accessories: / This item only

Control number 79854
brandOther Brands
typeMen's Fashion
typeKnit sweater
ColorWhite / off-white × navy
Material100% wool
sizeFlat placing size about shoulder width 39 x width 55 x length 75 cm sleeve 65 cm notation size: 48
accessories/ This product only
RemarksControl number 79854

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