PRADA Prada 2WAY 1BG835 Handbag Canvas / Leather / Yanagi Black Natural (Beige) Ladies [Used]

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If you look closely on the outside of the main body, you can see light dirt, and there is a green dirt at the top of the side part.
There are small scratches on the hardware, threads on the handle, and a little fade.
Inside, there is a light stain on the bottom.
Although there is a feeling of use as a whole, it is in a relatively beautiful state with no noticeable damage.
Outside: Surface: dirt
Handle strap: thread, faded

Inside / Other: Inside: light dirt
Bracket part: small scratch
Fastener part: small scratches

Type 2WAY Product Description 2WAY basket bags are available from Prada !!
An elegant gem with a branded logo decorated in one point in a square shape that is cut.
The gusset width is wide and has storage capacity, so you can store necessities such as long wallets and smartphones securely.
Pockets are provided on the inside, making it easy to organize and very convenient.
With a shoulder strap, it is easy to carry and can be used in 2WAY depending on the application.
Since this item is limited to one item, please purchase it at this opportunity.
Product number (model number)1BG835
TypeBrand bag
ColorBlack / Black / Natural (Beige)
MaterialCanvas / leather / willow
SizeW approximately 26cm x H approximately 19.5cm x D approximately 12cm
Handle: about 32.5 cm
Shoulder: about 103 cm
PocketRetractable: Fastener
Inside: One zipper pocket, one open pocket
AccessoriesStorage bag, guarantee, shoulder strap, name tag

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