CHANEL Coco Mark Gold Chain Basket Bag Shoulder Bag Straw / Denim / Basket Beige 0002 Ladies

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I think that the condition is good but there are some decolored feathers on the inside and rims, straws, scratch marks, and other denim fabrics.
[Metal fittings color] gold
[Model] coco mark gold chain basket bag
【Producing country】 Italy
【Serial】 5204 ***
It is a Chanel denim chain straw straw bag shoulder bag. It is a very rare item. Denim fabric in the upper part and the chain part, leather inside, design of straw and others are included.
TypeBrand bag
TypeShoulder bag
ColorBlue / beige
MaterialStraw / Denim / Straw
SizeW about 22cm x H about 17cm x D about 11.5cm
Shoulder: about 107 cm
PocketOpening and closing type: turn lock
AccessoriesSerial seal

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