Brand:Louis Vuitton

LOUIS VUITTON Louis Vuitton M60622 Portofeuil Brothers * Epi leather men's bi-fold wallet with initials "YT" DH65600 [Used] AB rank

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Product management number (product URL):9870-DH65600
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  • Second hand AB rank
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Corner: There are rubbing, peeling and wrinkles.
Edge: There is rubbing and peeling.
Inside: There is rubbing.
Purses: There is dirt.
Hardware: There are fine scratches.
* * The initial "Y / T" is included.

There is a feeling of use a little, but it is a product that can still be used.

Serial: CA4107
Producing country: Spain
Product Description: A very practical wallet "Portofeuil Brother" with many pockets for storing cards and banknotes. Using elegant and supple epi leather, this item is useful daily.
その他:内側:小銭入れ×1 札入れ・ポケット×5 カード入れ×17

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Product number (model number)M60622
BrandLouis Vuitton
ColorBlack / Noir (Black)
MaterialEpi leather
SizeH about 100mm x W about 190mm x D about 20mm
AccessoriesStorage bags

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