Brand:Louis Vuitton

LOUIS VUITTON Louis Vuitton Z1109E Sunglasses Clockwise Canvas 60 □ 14 Metal x Monogram Eclipse Canvas Women's Men's Sunglasses DH65605 [Used] A rank

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There are some scratches on the metal fittings, but it is a good product overall.


Serial: MG1210
Country of production: Italy
Size Remarks: 60 □ 14
Product Description: "Sunglasses Clockwise Canvas" is an updated version of the modern aviator style presented in the Fall / Winter 2018 collection. The monogram eclipse canvas and the aviator-shaped gray lens are very fashionable items.
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Product number (model number)Z1109E
BrandLouis Vuitton
ColorGray / gray
MaterialMetal / Monogram Eclipse Canvas
SizeH about mm x W about 140 mm
レンズ:約5.2cm x 6.0cm
Temple: about 14 cm
AccessoriesStorage bag case

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