HERMES Hermes double sense 45 □P stamp made in 2012 Taurillon Clemence ladies' men's Tote Bag DH70629 [used] A rank

Selling price: USD 3,319.52(tax included)

Product management number (product URL):9870-DH70629
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  • Second hand A rank
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Outer (gray side)…Stain, Stitch Fluffing, A little Wrinkles
Inner (blue side)…Rubbed, slightly stained
Handle...stitch Fluffing

It is a relatively good product with few noticeable rubbers.
Country of production: France
Product Description: 45 sizes of Hermes' reversible tote "Double Sense", which is stylish with different bicolors, have arrived. The Tote Bag has a simple design that uses high-quality leather all over, making it the perfect bag for daily use.
Others: Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the image.
TypeBrand bag
TypeTote Bag
ColorGray / Grimmette x Blue Agat
MaterialTaurillon Clemence
SizeHandle: around 50cm

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