Loewe LOEWE Lantern Bag Tote Bag Box Calfskin/Leather Black 0038 Ladies

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There are Losing ShapeWrinkles on the handle due to storage. There are several storage scratches, but it is as good as new.
[Metal color] Gold
[Model] Lantern bag
【Producing country】 Spain
The list price for the current product is ¥1,310,100. Inner metal frame with compact mirror and compartments for essentials. It comes with a small flashlight that illuminates the inside and emits light to the outside through a small window. Metal frame with top push-button clasp closure, flashlight direction indicated when switched on.
TypeBrand bag
TypeTote Bag
ColorBlack / black
MaterialBox Calfskin / Leather
SizeWaround29cm x Haround15.5cm x Daround85cm
Handle: around 36cm

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