Hermes HERMES Kelly 25 Colormatic Handbag Vaux Swift/Swift Blue U Engraved 0032 Ladies

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This is a brand new, unused item with a protective seal.
[Metal color] Gold
[Model] Kelly 25 Colormatic
[Country of production] France
[Year of production] 2022
[carved seal] U
We use 5 colors of blue / black / chai / etupe / gold. This item is made in 2022.
TypeBrand bag
ColorBlue / Blue / Chai / Black
MaterialVaux Swift / Swift
SizeWaround24.5cm x Haround18.5cm x Daround10cm
Handle: around 20.5cm
PocketOpening and closing type: turn lock
Outer: 1 open pocket
Inner: 1 open pocket
AccessoriesStorage box, storage bag, Shoulder strap, key, cadena, Clochette, rain cover

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