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LOUIS VUITTON Louis Vuitton PEGAS 45 Carry Case Monogram Verni M91277 Carry Bag Verni Amaranth Purple Unisex [Used]

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There are stains and scorching on Nume leather handle, scratches, threads and dirt are seen in coma and plastic parts.
Dirt like red color shifts to the surface Verni part at the bottom, there are light dirt and scratches on the whole.
In addition, although there are dullness / discoloration in cadena and metal fittings, inside is very beautiful, you can still use it.
Because it is goods with overall feeling of use There might be damage which can not be described. Those who do not understand second - hand, please refrain.
Type Pager 45 Model carry case Line Monogram Verni Product description Louis Vuitton carry case, 【Pegas 45】 arrived.
Classic popularity, is a cute carry case of Monogram · Verni Line.
It is a fashionable gem stamped with a shiny enamel material with a monogram pattern, and the atmosphere of a calm purple system is a very elegant atmosphere.
It is very convenient to carry in the cabin, and you can patronize it widely, such as when you are going out for a moment or a small trip.
Compact, but rich in pockets, high storage capacity, can also organize luggage is practical.
How about this opportunity ???
Do not miss this opportunity as it is a point item only !!!
Part number (model number)M 91277
brandOther Brands
typeBrand bag
ColorAmarante / purple / purple series
AW about 36 cm x H about 45 cm x D about 18 cm
Handle: about 25 cm
Telescopic handle: about 33 cm / 58 cm (height)
Outside: (inside: fastener pocket x 1)
pocketClosure type: double zipper Outside: Open pocket x 1
Inside: Fastener pocket x 4
accessoriesStorage bag, cadena, instructions, name tag key × 2 cover

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