LOEWE 【Loewe】 folding long wallet leather red W hook [pre] ladies wallet red logo

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Product control number (product URL):2658-hi-02789-ym
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Management No. hi-02789-ym
brand name LOEWE 【Loewe】
Product name Folded wallet
Model number -
Color Red
Material leather
About W 18 cm × H 10 cm × D 2 cm
specification Hook opening and closing coin pocket × 1
Card pocket × 6
Wallet × 1
Open pocket × 3
accessories Box storage bag · There is little damage.
Rank B
Square thread · There are scratches on the surface and small scratches / dirt.
There are thin dirty threads and push marks on the inside, and the coin pocket is dirty by use.
Although you can still use it, there may be damage that can not be described because it is a product with a feeling of use.
Those who do not understand second - hand, please refrain.
comment It is an introduction of the Loewe's folding wallet.
The logo which is casually designed at the front is a point.
Brilliant red color has a sense of quality, fashionable wallet.
There are also pockets, storage capacity, functionality is also outstanding.
Simple design can be patronized long regardless of age and fashion.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at this opportunity as it is only one stock.
category other
typeBrand wallet · accessory

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