FENDI 【Fendi】 sunglasses white brown lens plastic logo gold metal fittings unisex dressing goods [pre] FENDI

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Product control number (product URL):2658-ho-01623-mk
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Management No. ho-01623-mk
brand name FENDI 【Fendi】
Product name Sunglasses logo
Model number -
Color Frame: White × Gold Hardware Lens: Brown
Material plastic
Approximately W 14 cm × about H 4.8 cm (including frames)
Temple length: about 12.5 cm
specification -
accessories Case (with damage)
A rank
There are slight scratches on the lens / frame part to some extent, it is in a beautiful state.
comment It is an introduction of sunglasses with Fendi's logo! The logo mark designed on the side is the point. The lens color is not too dark, so it's a thin color, so it's easy to use and gives a gentle impression. Do not miss this opportunity!
category sunglasses
Part number (model number)-
typeBrand wallet · accessory
MaterialPlat stick
accessoriesCase (with damage)

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