PRADA Prada ipad case tablet case Safiano leather 2ARD64 Other bag leather green unisex [pre]

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There is a slight dullness and a small wound on the surface logo part, and there is a slight bulge in the entire vertical breath, but neither is noticeable.
Very clean both inside and outside, it is a brand new item with almost no feeling of use.
It is a very recommended item that is beautiful overall.
Type ipad case Model tablet case Line safiano leather Product Description Ipad case of Prada arrived.
A very popular, high-quality Safiano leather item.
The deep green color is cool, and the logo and two color lines are designed on the surface and it is fashionable.
The inside is very soft and soft leather is used, and it has a cushion inside, so you can safely store your ipad or tablet.
How is it by all means at this opportunity ???
Don't miss this chance as it is only one item!
Product number (model number)2ARD64
ColorGreen / green
sizeW about 21cm x H about 25.5cm
pocketOpening and closing: open
accessoriesStorage box, guarantee

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