CELINE Celine logo glove shoulder bag leather / suede black ladies 【pre-owned】

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Habit in handle - There are slight small scratches and dirt on metal fittings, there are threads in the leather part.
A few threads are seen in the bottom part.
Suede part is slightly dirty and there are fading and fluff, but it is inconspicuous.
The inside is a conspicuous damage and it is a gem of recommendation in a relatively beautiful state.
On the whole there is nothing that stands out greatly and it is a good condition with relatively good condition.
Outside: Surface: Light dirt, thread, fade away

Inside · Other: Hardware part: Small scratches, dirt

Line logogram Product Description It is an introduction of Celine's one shoulder bag.
Cute design with logo on the whole !!
The combination of suede and black color has a sense of quality,
It is a very fashionable bag.
Because it is simple, it is easy to match any kind of coordination
You can patronize in various scenes.
You can use it for any age.
category Shoulder Bag
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
ColorBlack / Black
MaterialLeather / Suede
AW about 35 cm x H about 20 cm x D about 11 cm
Handle: about 52 cm
pocketClosing type: Magnetic type inside: Two open pockets
accessoriesstorage bags

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