HERMES HERMES Garden Party Pocket 36 Vale Fonce Women's 2 Way Tote Bag

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Product control number (product URL):4120-210917006
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【Product Details】
Control number: 210917006
Product Name: Garden Party Pocket 36
Material: Towar Riga / Leather X Engraving
Specifications: Open snaps open pocket 6
Size: about W36 × H27 × D16 cm Shoulder length: about 92-133 cm
Color: Veil Fonse Silver hardware
Accessories: Box (lid damage) · Storage bag · Shoulder strap · Our shop sale certificate 【Accessories column and items in the image are all accessories】
Condition: Used unused

[How to see the condition]
N: New article
S: Unused item
A: Good USED goods
B: USED goods with considerable scratches
category Tote Bag
typeBrand bag
typeTote Bag
seriesGarden Party
ColorVeil Fonse Silver hardware
MaterialTowar Riga / leather X engraving
AAbout W36 × H27 × D16 cm Shoulder length: Approximately 92-133 cm
pocket/ Snap opening and closing outside open pocket 6

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