HERMES [Hermes] Azap Long Silk in-round zipper Long wallet Vaux Epson Rose Axle (pink) X engraved

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Product management number (product URL):2658-is-02554-hd
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HERMES [Hermes] Azap long silk in round zipper long wallet Vaux Epson Rose Axare (pink) imprinted HERMES [Hermes] HERMES Azapp Long Silk 'in Zippy LONG Wallet Epsom Rose azalee HERMES

Management No. is-02554-hd
brand name HERMES [Hermes]
Product name Azap long silk in
Round zipper long wallet
Model number X stamp (made in 2016)
Color Rose Azale (Pink series) / Silver hardware
Material Vaud Epson × Silk
About W 20 cm × H 10.5 cm × D 1.5 cm
specification Zipper
Inside: wallet × 2
Card pocket x 12
Fastener type Coin Pocketx1
accessories Genuine box (there is some damage)
NS rank
This item is unused.
It is a very beautiful item.
There may be slight scratches etc. for the display.
Please acknowledge it.
comment It is the arrival of the popular azaplong silk in Hermes.
The high quality fine embossed embossed vowels are used and are simple It is a design, but it is a gem with a sense of luxury.
There are many pockets, storage capacity, practicality is outstanding, too!
This is a product that you can use for a long time.
It is a very rare gem.
As it is the actual item limit, please purchase early.
※ Please refer to the color and material for reference. Please ask for more details.
category long wallet
Product number (model number)X stamp (made in 2016)
typeBrand wallet and accessories
typelong wallet
MaterialVaud Epson × Silk
accessoriesGenuine box (there is some damage)

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