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Product management number (product URL):2658-vv-00987-az
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HERMES [Hermes] Garden Party TPM □ M engraved mini tote bag Negonda Brown Tea Handbag HERMES [Hermes] HERMES GARDEN PARTY TPM □ M mini Totebag Negonda Handbag HERMES

Management No. vv-00987-az
Product name HERMES [Hermes]
Garden party TPM
Mini Tote Bag
Model number -
Color Brown
Material Negonda
About W30 x H21 x D14 cm
Possession: about 34 cm
specification Hook opening and closing
Inside: zipper pocket × 1
accessories storage bags
AB rank
Corner threads, small scratches on the metal parts, but a small scratch on the surface can be seen, but it is not a sign that stands out large.
There is a pen mark and dirt in a small dirt and pocket on the inside part.
There is a feeling of use, but there is no sign that stands out so big as this, and it is a recommended gem that you can still use.
Because it is a product with a sense of use, there may be damage that can not be described.
If you do not understand used goods, please refrain
comment Garden party TPM arrived from Hermes ☆
It is a little compact, but valuables can be stored securely and is easy to use, so it is easy to match casual fashion, so it's perfect for everyday use and a little outing, etc. ☆
It is a gem that can be used regardless of age and fashion ☆
※ Please refer to the color and material for reference.
Please ask for more details.
Category Tote bag
Product number (model number)-
TypeBrand bag
TypeTote bag
SeriesGarden party
AccessoriesStorage bags

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