【Free Shipping】 HERMES 【Hermes】 Garden Party PM □ O Engraved 2011 【Preowned】 Black Silver Hardware Negonda

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HERMES [Hermes] Garden Party PM □ O engraved 2011 made Black Silver hardware Negonda Tote Bag leather HERMES [Hermes] HERMES GARDEN PARTY PM □ O 2011 BLACK Negonda Totebag HERMES

Management No. vv-01477-ok
Product name HERMES [Hermes]
Garden party PM
□ O stamp made in 2011
Model number -
Color Black x Silver bracket
Material Negonda
Size (cm) About W36 × H26 × D16 cm
Possession: about 44 cm
specification Inside: zipper pocket × 1
accessories None
B + rank
You can see the feeling of use and shapelessness, It is highly recommended that it can be used without problems. ! Scratches and dullness etc. can be seen on the metal fittings. The outside is slightly wrinkled, rubbed, leather on the bottom, etc. You can not see any noticeable stains. Inside, stains, dirt, wrinkles, etc. can be seen.
(※ It is limited to those who can use it after understanding the condition of second-hand goods)
comment Garden party PM □ O engraved from Hermes We have made 2011 made! ! A model that is very popular for its stamped male calf [Negonda] ☆ Coloring is overwhelmingly popular black, Easy to match any fashion, It is an excellent thing that can be used in unisex ♪ Simple construction, but also high storage capacity, Because the handle is also set to be long, 頂 け Can also be used as a shoulder シ ョ ル ダ ー As long as the actual item! ! It will be delivered at a bargain price, so it will win first! !
※ Please refer to the color and material for reference. Please ask a question about a detailed thing.
Category Tote bag
Product number (model number)-
TypeBrand bag
TypeTote bag
SeriesGarden party

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